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Need a new image for your company? We can design a unique visual communication that distinguishes you from your competitors.

The aim of a corporate identity is to create a brand in the memory and minds of customers.
It's important to attract interest. We'll distinguish you from many other identities, communicating your company's best features. Corporate identity is consistent across the entire spectrum of use, whether we are talking about business cards, newsletter reached on the street or web site. It creates emotions that are desirable in communication with the client. It is excellent handled corporate identity, which we offer you.

A corporate identity is a business or a company identity.

A corporate identity manifests in all communication outputs and visual elements of a company (company logo, business cards, letterhead, web presentation, etc.)

A corporate identity represents visual characteristics of a company or an organization. Corporate design means developing individual, identical, company-specific image, which corresponds with company's philosophy and its goals.

A corporate identity consists of three parts:

  • A corporate design (company logo, business cards, web presentation, etc.)
  • Corporate communication (business communication, public relations)
  • Corporate behavior (internal values, norms, etc.)

A corporate identity is something without which a firm would lose its own identity.

Corporate design - uniform image of a company

  • Aims to increase efficiency in all types of advertising,
  • A corporate identity sends a signal about uniformity and order within a company,
  • Customers feel "at home" when communicating with a company,
  • A corporate identity is a one-time investment.

Corporate identity and corporate design services

  • Creating a new logo
  • Definition of corporate colors and conditions of use
  • Creating visuals for business cards
  • Creating visuals for letterhead
  • Creating a new web presentation
  • Creating slogan, that clarifies the operation of the company
  • Initial text compilations
  • Developing a design for documents for offers and external communication
  • Developing a graphic signature for e-mail
  • Supplying all documents in a vector (curves) format

One of the first things in starting a new business should be the method of selecting a corporate identity.

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