Exclusive functions of the e-shop system

Every e-shop contains many advanced functions that are included at no charge in your bundle. We continuously improve the system and add new and attractive functions to it. Many functions are developed at no cost and are available to all our clients. You can subsequently purchase other attractive functions in our App Store as your e-shop develops.

See the functions already included in your Creative Shop bundle:

Intuitive CMS

Intuitive CMS (content management system)

Our sophisticated content management system operates on a drag & drop principle. This makes it simple for you to move the individual modules by clicking and placing them anywhere on the page. The CMS provides a high level of security, reliability and intuitive controls. Convince yourself.

One-page checkout

Single-page checkout

Are you looking to significantly increase transaction volumes? Statistics show that a long and complex ordering process is enough to convince up to 20% of e-shop visitors not to make a purchase. One-page checkout provides the ability to enter all the details needed to make a purchase on just one page. This delivers transparency and convenience to the customer. Thereby directly increasing order volumes.

Invoice generation and warehousing

Invoice generation and warehousing

You won’t need financial or any other software to generate invoices or manage your warehouse to operate your e-shop. Invoices are generated simply using the orders received directly within e-shop management. Invoice features include search, edit and bulk export functions. Simplified warehouse management is also easy to accomplish directly in the CreativeShop system. It includes records of stock levels, updating them automatically as orders are received.

Comprehensive settings for shipping and payment options

Comprehensive settings for shipping and payment options

The CreativeShop e-shop system provides an unlimited range of shipping and payment methods that cannot be connected to meet your needs. The system automatically calculates shipping costs based on the weight of products in the cart or the total price of an order. Weight and price thresholds may be defined within settings for the individual shipping methods.

Coupons for customers

Coupons for customers

Use a specific function to create coupons for customers providing a percentage or fixed sum discount. You determine if a coupon is good for a single use or repeated usage. Coupon codes may be generated in bulk as well. You can also define a minimum order level when using coupons and coupon expiration dates. When a customer enters a coupon, the system checks to ensure the code is not expired or used previously.

AJAX search

AJAX search

Efficient AJAX search provides transparent results associated with the search phrase. All search results automatically roll up for any search conducted on the site (at least 3 characters must be entered). Products are displayed together with names, images and short descriptions in the search results.

Drop-down AJAX cart

Drop-down AJAX cart

All products added the cart are effectively moved into the drop-down cart. The customer stays at the list of products and continues to shop (i.e. they are not automatically taken to the cart page). Cart contents scroll automatically by moving the mouse over its contents and the customer can add and remove individual items or move directly to checkout. The drop-down cart is convenient for customers and saves them time.


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