How we develop a website

Communication with a client

The basis of creating a professional web presence is communication with the client and analysis of its needs and requirements. During our first face-to-face meeting, we will define the targets to be met by your website, the target group you are seeking to attract and your other expectations for the planned website.

Strategic marketing

Our strategic marketing investigates how to ensure your customers respond in the most favourable manner possible. We then define targets for the prepared website. An important task at this point is competitive analysis.

Definition of functions, content and prices

We include all this in your web presentation concept and design the functionality of the site itself. We then recommend a project structure based on our long-term experience and then define a price for completion in terms of usability.

Conclusion of a contract and access to the prepared project

Once you agree with the price and scope of services, we’ll draw up contractual documents. The creation of the project and all agreed services shall be supported contractually, whereby the contract shall include precise definition of the dates for completion and handover of the project. On the signature date of the contract, we will send you access to the prepared project to permit you to begin working with your website/e-shop and begin adding content and products.

Web design and creating a graphic design

After mutual discussions about your site design expectations, we create a creative graphic design of the prepared web presentation. After its approval, we begin work on the web design (programming the site design in flawless XHTML and CSS code).

SEO training

After signature of the contract, we recommend completing SEO training as soon as possible; the training itself takes 2-3 hours and is focused exclusively on your project, your target group and keywords. You will learn a lot of important information at SEO training. You’ll learn how Google operates, what it considers the most important and how to properly configure your web/e-shop to ensure long-term success and to keep a top ranking in search results.

Project manager and consulting

After signature of the contract, your project will be assigned a project manager as a primary contact point for asking questions about the system, functionalities, consulting on the UX and SEO, etc.

Trial operation

Test operations follow the release of your approved design and ordered functions are programmed for a prepared project. We’ll keep you informed via email and you can then test the entire project and send us suggestions to be incorporated.

Check and launch

Before launching the project for live operation, we check the prepared website/e-shop to ensure everything is configured properly and we recommend improvements in terms of SEO and the utility of the site for visitors.


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