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Internet strategy and online marketing should be a part of marketing in every company and every website project. A technically perfect, attractive and user friendly website is not enough. Internet marketing is also important because it ensures the arrival of new website visitors and can contribute to increasing a company's profit.

According to several studies, at least 70% of people search for websites via search engines.
It is therefore necessary to ensure the promotion of a website so that when a customer enters a relevant keyword, the website will be placed in the top positions in the search results.

E-marketing and internet advertising

Our online marketing service utilizes the latest marketing strategies for promoting websites.
Searching through search engines (such as Google) and web directories is becoming more and more popular... We thoroughly study internet marketing, observe its progress and apply the latest know-how and trends in our website development.

Effective online marketing

Google AdWords and ETARGET are the best known internet marketing services.

AdWords displays ads next to Google's search results, on search sites and content sites in the growing Google Network.

ETARGET online marketing ensures that your ad link appears on hundreds of portals. You pay only when your link attracts people and when it makes someone to click on it.

Online marketing displays your ad link to people, who are searching just for your products or services.

How does online marketing work?

Our internet marketing service includes creating your ad link and selecting keywords for your website. These keywords are used for displaying ads. We set the amount you are willing to pay for per click.
Payment depends on the number of clicks on your ad (so called PPC - Pay Per Click).
Your account overview allows you to easily track the performance and efficiency of your ads.

Comprehensive online marketing

Internet marketing forms a part of marketing. Marketing is aimed at selling more products to more customers, for as much money as possible.

How our comprehensive online marketing looks like:

  • analysis of the initial situation
  • market and competition research
  • strategy development
  • branding (building a brand)
  • website development
  • testing
  • marketing activities on the internet
  • control and evaluation

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