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Website development and other services

The goal of CreativeSites is to develop high-quality websites with increasing value and number of visits.
Our website development is based on the latest international web standards. We improve the quality of services offered in this field on the market.

We ensure that the web pages developed for national institutions comply with the strict accessibility rules for information systems in the public administration.
Web application development and website development, which are the main activities of CreativeSites agency, do not only offer creative web design, but also a complex maintenance for your websites in other important areas - internet marketing and internet advertising.

We offer following services: professional website development, web design, internet marketing, internet advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Corporate Identity, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), internet application programming, website maintenance and copywriting.

Website development

The goal of CreativeSites is a professional development of websites that are easy to find and frequently visited.

Website development perfectly combines:

  • professional web design, that catches visitor's interest,
  • (SEO) ensures good searchability and a high visit rate of a web page,
  • a logic structure of a web page that navigates and leads your customers to a purchasing decision,
  • corporate identity created to ensure that people will remember your brand/company.
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Web design

The design of your website - web design, is the first thing that your customer notices. Quality web design creates a positive impression and it increases credibility and trustworthiness of your business. It is important that your website communicates with your visitor at the first sight and that it attracts a customer to read more. Presentation on the web and its web design leave the first - the most important impression.

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Online shop (e-shop)

Online shop (e-shop) minimizes operating expenses and offers higher efficiency while maintaining uninterrupted service.
CreativeShop is a complex and flexible application that fulfills even the most demanding requirements.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) places your web on the first positions in search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, etc.). As a result, more potential clients looking for your products or services will find you.

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Content management system (CMS)

Content management system CMS (CMS) is characterized by simplicity, high security and excellent search engine optimization. CMS includes innovative drag and drop system. It is able to grow permanently according to the client's needs.

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Online marketing

Internet strategy and online marketing should be a part of marketing in every company and every web project. Technically perfect, attractive and user friendly web page is not enough. Online marketing is also important because it ensures arrival of new website visitors and it can contribute to increase company's profits.

According to several studies, at least 70% of people search for websites via search engines. It is therefore necessary to ensure promotion of the web presentation so that when a customer enters a relevant keyword, the web will be placed in the top positions in the search results.

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Web application programming

Experts in our company will provide you with a professional web application programming and programming of a wide scale of additional functionalities. We accommodate above-standard and exotic requests.

We pay an extra attention to a thorough customer needs analysis in our web application programming, according to which we design, specify and implement the most suitable solution.

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Corporate identity

Corporate identity is a business or a company identity.
Corporate identity manifests in all communication outputs and visual elements of a company (company logo, business cards, letterhead, web presentation, etc.).

Corporate identity represents visual characteristics of a company or an organization. Corporate design means developing individual, identical, company-specific image, which corresponds with the company's philosophy and its goals.

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