Customer e-shop programming

Do you need a special e-shop functionality? Our system has been under constant development since 2005 and new functions are added automatically all the time. Our customers often come to us with a specific problem or need custom applications.

We analyse their needs in detail and propose the most efficient technical solution. Do you need to create a specific function for your business? Are you trying to connect an admin system to external software? Our experienced project managers will design a solution to be deployed by our skilled team of developers.

Connecting different e-shop databases

Connecting different e-shop databases

Are you planning to operate multiple e-shops with the same range of products? We developed the ability to manage orders and products from several e-shops simultaneously from a single admin interface that connects databases to make your work simpler and faster. Every e-shop has its own dedicated content management system (articles, modules and sub-pages) and settings for transparency and to simplify seo optimisation. Orders and products are administered in a single admin system.

Multi-language<br/> and multi-domain systems

Multi-language and multi-domain systems

Looking to expand your business internationally? Why limit yourself to a single market with you can increase your revenues by doing business in neighbouring countries. Administer multiple language versions of your e-shop, including seo settings, in a single admin system. Every language version uses its own domain. All your orders, products and sub-page contents are accessible in one place. Configure product prices in different currencies for individual domains. Search engine optimisation remains consistent for all language versions of your e-shop.

Financial system integration

Financial system integration

Financial information systems are now integral parts of doing business. Creativeshop helps connect your financial software to your e-shop. This simple step can save you a tremendous amount of work. We often connect e-shops to various third party systems. These range from financial systems and warehouse systems to customised solutions for large companies.

Completely custom solutions

Completely custom solutions

We often are faced with difficult challenges. Clients have problems they need solved. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of a great idea that needs to be implemented with custom programming. We're happy to analyse and propose an optimal solution for all interested parties.
Below are some examples of the custom solutions we have delivered.

in-stock product feature

Functionality: in-stock product feature

A well-known perfumery with brick-and-mortar stores across the country wanted to program an in-stock product feature into its system. Products were available to customers using the e-shop. This function gave them the option to see if the same product is available in a specific store. Customers have the convenience of buying directly from the store closest to them without waiting. Store stock levels are automatically updated every 15 minutes.

custom product configuration tool

Functionality: custom product configuration tool

We have created a configuration tool function for several e-shops offering custom products. Items change dynamically based on customer choices. The finished product is shown on the screen and adapts to the customer’s specific choices. The e-shop management tool provides simple configuration tool function settings to allow the customer to configure tool’s parameters.

Your custom function

Your custom function

Have you thought up a great functionality? We’ll provide the custom programming needed to meet your expectations. We’re ready to resolve any specific need you may have. Our skilled programmers look forward to challenges.


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